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Martha Hernandez is a photographer from Costa Mesa, California who explores and creates impressionistic art with intentional camera movement and post-production techniques that reward us with her subjective interpretations of the landscape. Martha's work has received excellent professional reviews and she exhibits at the Laguna Beach Art A Fair. She is currently at work on several portfolios that explore motion and color emotion. 

Martha's primary photographic interest is in capturing the exceptional beauty of the natural world. This can include the wordless grandeur of a landscape; the subtle interactions of texture and color found in a single flower; or the extraordinary varieties of immaterial light itself, when dappled through a forest, or reflected off water. For Martha, the inexhaustible shapes in which the natural world reveals itself are a source of personal inspiration and a reminder of something basic.  

Martha's images are not statements about the landscape world through art; they are statements about art through the detachment of images from the bits of landscape reality she finds. Her work is no accident. It is a signaled commitment to photography as art.


Sharing with and communicating to others what she sees is Martha's goal: through the craft of photography to make visible a world that we too often do not see, but is available to us if we would just slow down, stop, and look.

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